Creative mom makes an ‘iPad jail’ to stop her kids from using electronics before bed

An inventive mom created an “iPad jail” after getting fed up with her kids constantly sneaking iPads into their rooms before bed. 

Credits: Facebook

Joanne, from Australia, has found an ingenious way to keep her kids off their iPads before bed. The canny mom turned a $19 Kmart bread box into an “iPad jail,” attaching a combination lock to it, so the children can’t access the devices  overnight.

As per Daily Mail, Joanne posted pictures of her clever invention on Facebook, where she explained:

“Fed up with my kids sneaking in their iPads, I’ve used the $19 bread box to make an ‘iPad jail’! Even popped in USB ports and used the short charging cords.”

Credits: Facebook

Other parents were quick to comment on this mom’s creativity, with one saying:

“You, my friend, have just won the internet for today! I predict Kmart will now sell out of bread boxes!”

Another added: “Might do this with my kids’ snacks and chocolate I need to hide from my husband.”

Meanwhile, a third questioned: “This is a great idea! But I’m wondering if charging that on top of each other or even in the box is safe? Can they overheat and catch on fire?”

Credits: Facebook

Other social media users also pointed out that charging the electronic devices on top of each other is incredibly dangerous, as it might lead to a house fire. Fire and Rescue NSW recommends only using power boards with built-in safety switches, placing them in an open area, and regularly checking the plugs are firmly fixed.

Mail Online suggests:

“A safer alternative in Joanne’s case would be to charge the iPad’s elsewhere before placing the electronics away in the bread box.”

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