Creative Covid-19 Shoppers Will Leave You Stunned With Their Extreme Protection Ideas

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps on raging in full swing, medical experts are urging the public to shield themselves by any means necessary. 

Some, however have taken this to a completely unexpected level. People seem to be ready to put on anything they can get their hands on to protect themselves from the virus.

Here, we will present you with a collection of the ingenious suits of armor people have come up with. They are original, cool, and sexy. Best of all, they don’t seem to mind all the attention; That’s what you call true self-esteem!

The gear comes in all shapes and sizes, from menstrual pads to gear that looks like it’s taken straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Better safe than sorry, right?!

Cost-effective and safe all in one

Image credit: Blanko_Nino1

Don’t be jealous

Image source: purplemonster44

Introducing, ‘The Hobo Space Suit’

Image source: Facebook

Captain Genius to the rescue

Image source: Facebook

Thanks for the heads up…

Image credit: o0gader0o

The look on his face says it all

Image source: Facebook

Alright, this is actually disturbing

Image source: Facebook

These time travelers came to show us how it’s done

Image credit: Squonk3

Don’t forget, it has to be with wings!

Image credit: Maniso

Comes with ‘sad puppy eyes’

Image credit: FroggyMcTerrison

Nothing to see here

Image source: Facebook

It’s the ‘stay safe in your pajamas while scuba diving suit’

Image source: Facebook

‘Airway blocked by toilet paper? No problem, I can breathe through my ears!’

Alright sir/mam, you win!

Image credit: h_saltovka

Better safe and sexy than sorry

Image credit: jetster735180

It’s Mr. Chernobyl himself

Keep scrolling

Image source: stonecold2050

He forgot to tape the wings on!

Image credit: Godwithme08

We’ll let you caption this one…

Image credit: Sweetbadger

The word ‘cool’ just got a whole new meaning

One small problem with this otherwise genius mask: the garlic is unpeeled!

Image credit: ChillyStrawberry

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