Convenience store cashier goes above and beyond to help a mother and her child

Customer service has never been this endearing! This cashier truly went beyond expectations to help a little girl and her mom.

Chelsie Farr, a mother in Newnan, Georgia, shared her heart-melting experience on Facebook, Sunny Skyz reports.

Image credits: Chelsie Farr/Facebook

While having a short stop at a QuikTrip, Chelsie’s daughter, Adeley, fell and scrapped one of her knees. As every child in such a situation, the little girl was, as her mom shares, ‘totally over the top about it’.

Luckily, the convenience store’s employee, Dedrick, was incredibly helpful. After Chelsie asked him if he had any bandaids, the cashier went the extra mile to help her aching child.

First, the ‘sweet man’ changed his gloves he was wearing as a part of his protective equipment. Then, Dedrick got Neosporin, a pain relief medicament. What’s more, he opened a box of band-aids right off the shelf.

But the cashier’s helpfulness wasn’t the only thing that melted Chelsie’s heart. Not only he helped little Adeley for the pain, but he also halted her tears by making her laugh.

We just had the sweetest experience (and best customer service!) when we stopped for ice water at Quiktrip in Newnan….

Posted by Chelsie Farr on Sunday, June 14, 2020

Ms. Farr was deeply touched by the man’s kind-heartedness. At the end of her post, she wrote:

“I almost didn’t post this because maybe it seems like something so small but I seriously was just blown away by his care and concern for customers that were just purchasing $1.00 in ice waters.
And also this world needs more positivity.”

Additionally, she shared her hopes that this wonderful QuikTrip’s cashier will be noticed by the company’s corporate office, so they can see what an ‘awesome of an employee’ Dedrick is.

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