6 Things Everyone Does When They Are Completely And Totally In Love

Whether they are a man, or a woman, everyone will do these things when they are truly, madly, deeply in love. If they don’t- it’s not real love.

We are each raised differently, but most of us were taught to hide our emotions. Don’t cry, don’t let anyone see you have feelings, be strong. However, real strength comes from openly displaying how you feel and being comfortable with your emotional freedom.

This is especially true for love. Real love. Not infatuation or lust.

Hatfield and Rapson concluded that there are only two types of love, and one tends to fade away. As psychologist Dr. Jeremy Nicholson explains,

“Passionate Love is characterized by intense emotions, obsessive thoughts, and a desire for union with a romantic partner.” In other words, they are head-over-heels, and not in a good way. This kind of “love” can destroy both people involved if it carries on too long.

Dr. Nicholson continues to say, “In contrast, Companionate Love is characterized by an emotional attachment and affectionate feelings toward a partner with whom the individual’s life is deeply intertwined. This is the feeling people are describing when they talk about being comfortable, trusting, and intimate with a partner.”

This is the love that lasts.

When love is true, it comes from a place deep inside your heart you didn’t know was there. A flame is kindled into a glorious fire that warms your entire being. The feeling is immense, but real love is more than simply feeling- it is also doing.

Here are 6 things everyone does when they are truly in love with another person:

1. They Embrace All Of You.

It’s not about your flaws, although they love those too. When someone is in love, they are in love with your entire self- your personality, your idiosyncrasies, your quirks- everything that makes you, you. More importantly, they will never try to change you.

2. They Care About Others.

Your friends, your family, your pets, they care about the people and things you care about. Because if it is important to you, then it is important to them.

3. They Are Your Biggest Fan.

Always in your corner, cheering you on, they are your biggest support. They know how hard you work and the effort you put into things, and want to make sure you know how well you are doing. They will always be by your side when you need them.

4. They Listen.

The big things, the small things, and everything in between. They hear what you say, and they genuinely listen to your words. Communication is important to them because they want to make sure the relationship is always sailing on smooth waters.

5. They Remember.

Because they listen to you, they remember the things you have said. They also remember the way you looked when you first met, your favourite food, and how it’s the little things you treasure. You are important to them, and this is one of the ways they show you they care.

6. They Are Honest And Respectful.

Real love involves a level of honesty that most people can’t handle. When respect and honesty is found in a relationship, you can bet it is true love in its finest form.

While we all handle relationships a bit differently, love, real love, is displayed through several common factors. These seem like simple observations, but the truth can often be found staring us in the face and we will still completely miss it. True love is rare, so if you have someone who does these things for you, hold on to them and show them the love they deserve in return.

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