Company turns ashes of people’s beloved pets into beautiful glass pieces to serve as a memorial forever

One of the hardest experiences we face in our lives is losing a loved one.

No matter if it’s a member of our family or a beloved pet, it’s always devastating. In fact, pets are just as valuable as any other family member, and that’s why losing them is truly heartbreaking.

Memories are what helps us go through these hard times. And to keep those memories alive, we need to have something significant like a talisman or a lucky piece that has the soul of our late friend.

The company Davenport Memorial Glass is giving people the generous present of having a physical reminder of their departed pets.

They create beautiful memorial glass pieces containing small parts of a loved one’s ashes. These lucky pieces are often paw-shaped and are miniature enough for people to carry them wherever they go.

The organization’s main goal is to capture the essence of a loved lost soul so that the memory would be kept alive. Unfortunately, former pet owners know the struggle of losing your four-legged soulmate. They would strongly appreciate having something little that would remind them of the wonderful times they spent together.

Having a talisman with your late pet’s ashes is a dear alternative if there’s no pet cemetery nearby.

The mesmerizing glass pieces are an amazing way to immortalize your beloved deceased pets.

Now, there is a way to keep the memory for your sweet but sadly departed pet last forever. All you have to do is send a spoonful of their ashes to Davenport Memorial Glass. They will turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry you can carry with you everywhere you go.

This way you will always feel close to your favorite creature, and you would never forget all the wonderful moments you shared together.

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