These Comics Have Nothing to do with Sex, But Explain Consent Beautifully

These Comics Have Nothing to do with Sex, But Explain Consent Beautifully

The prevalence of sexual assault in our world is both terrifying and very, very real. In developing nations, rape is an epidemic.

Even in a first world country like the United States, however, the statistics are startling. RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, is our nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. According to them, someone is the victim of a sexual assault every two minutes in the United States. Meanwhile, less than one percent of those perpetrators will go to prison. Here are more troubling statistics on the scope of this problem within our own borders.

Why do so many sexually aggressive criminals get away without any penalty?

The answer to this is incredibly complex, but it begins with the fact that most rapists are never confronted by law enforcement at all. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that the majority of rapes and sexual assaults perpetrated against women and girls in the United States are not reported to the police. Only 36 percent of rapes, 34 percent of attempted rapes, and 26 percent of sexual assaults are actually reported. All too often, the victim does not see the encounter as a rape or sexual assault, because society teaches her to blame herself (or himself) for what happened.

As a society, we do not want to confront the reality of sexual assault, so we find it easier to put the burden of responsibility on the victim. It is much more simple to say that she had dressed too provocatively, allowed herself to get too intoxicated, was not being properly vigilant of her surroundings, or was behaving too flirtatiously than to accept that she was the victim of a violent crime. Because of this mindset, many victims will never admit – to the world or to themselves – that they were assaulted.

This comic, created by Alli Kirkham and published by Everyday Feminism, illustrates seven common misconceptions about sexual consent by applying their logic to other activities.

Like the popular tea explanation, these comic strips are a simple way to explain consent to someone who might be struggling with whether or not they gave (or received) it.

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