7 colors and their ability to enhance not only your mood but your mind and relationships

Colors have always played a vital roll in the world, they have the power to affect our emotions, choices and everyday mood, they also have the power to heal.

Color psychology is used by psychologists to help patients through difficult times. Retail stores and brands also use color psychology in their marketing to influence consumers to buy their products. One example is: the color red, which is normally associated with love, passion, and excitement is used to indicate sales and “hot deals”.

Color psychology can be applied to almost anything including relationships. It has the ability to spice up your sex life, create a space for healing and to help bring more joy, happiness, and energy into your life and home.

Color has the ability to trigger different emotional and mental responses within a person just by looking at it.

Here are 7 colors you can add to your home, each one with their own special ability:

1. GREEN is used to promote healing and help one to process emotions and thoughts

Many people associate green with envy, where in fact, green is actually the color that resonates with your Heart Chakra. Green brings love and healing. It can help you heal past wounds and look towards a more bright and promising future. Adding green to your life in the form of plants, decor or clothing can assist you in processing your feelings all while helping you stay calm.

2. CREAM and TAN can assist in starting a fresh

Both cream and tan, being neutral colors promote clarity and strength to start fresh. If you and your partner have gone through tough or difficult times. The colors cream and tan have a friendly and approachable feel to them, helping you and your partner better understand each other so that you can move forward.

3. PINK and MAGENTA brings affection and tenderness

Pink is associated with many things like love, self-love, affection, friendliness, harmony and inner peace. Adding these colors to your life and relationship will bring tenderness and affection to your love life all while promoting self-love and happiness.

4. PURPLE brings ambition, creativity, luxury, and mystery

Among other things, purple is also known to be a color that’s associated with royalty. It brings a sense of luxury, mystery, creativity, and ambition into one’s life. Adding it into yours can spark ambition and creativity as well as intimacy, which will help you have a deeper connection with your partner.

5. BLUE inspires calmness, honesty, and serenity

Blue represents openness, honesty, and communication. It helps build intimacy through trust and loyalty. Adding blue to your life will help you always speak your truth and will improve your communication skills with your partner allowing for a strong and healthy relationship.

6. RED brings out the wilder, sexier and more passionate side of things

The color red stimulates love, passion, excitement, and desire. It also brings vitality, confidence, and excitement. If you lack these things in your relationship then consider adding more red to your life, and to your bedroom!

7. YELLOW is the color of happiness, clarity, optimism, and honor

Yellow undoubtedly brings a sense of happiness and lightheartedness. It also stimulates security and honor, adding yellow flowers to your home or wardrobe will bring a sense of pride and optimism to your life.

In conclusion, colors are important because they alter our emotional and mental states.

The use of color psychology in your everyday life can seriously help your relationships as well as your mental and emotional health.

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