12 Uses for Coca-Cola: Proof that It Is Better Out of Your Body Than In It

12 Uses for Coca-Cola: Proof that It Is Better Out of Your Body Than In It
96% of the world recognizes the Coca-Cola logo, making it one of the most recognized brands in the world. However, the beverage itself has been associated with strokes, cardiac arrests, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. So, although just about everyone on the planet recognizes the Coca-Cola logo, most people don’t know that it can be used for everything from removing grease stains on clothes to getting gum out of your hair. As handy as Coca-Cola may be around the house, these “useful” tips are to serve as proof that coke does not belong in the human body.
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1) Coca-Cola is really useful as a toilet cleaner. Just pour some of this powerful drink in the toilet and wait for an hour. Then, with a bit of brushing – your toilet is clean as new.
2) Coca-Cola removes grease stains from clothing and fabric. You can effectively remove tough and greasy stains from your garment by mixing detergent with Coca-Cola in your wash.
3) Coke removes rust. Methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge dipped in coke, or even pouring coke on a rusted surface and scrubbing with aluminum foil. Also, you can loosen rusty bolts by pouring Coke over them.
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4) Clean your windows by using Coke. The citric acid in the drink, which is present in almost all chemical cleaners, will finish this job, too.
5) Coca-Cola is a bug killer. The sweet tasty flavor in Coca-Cola attracts bugs like cockroaches and ants and will eventually kill them when they come in contact with the powerful drink. The acid in Coke also kills slugs and snails. Coca-Cola also acts as a bee/wasp magnet, keeping them away from your outdoor activities.
6) Coca-Cola removes gum from hair. When chewing gum gets stuck to your hair, don’t panic. Just pour some Coca-Cola on it and leave it there for a while, eventually the gum will wipe off.
7) You can use the Coca-Cola drink on your dyed hair if it turned
out shades darker than you wanted. Yes, this world famous drink acts as a color fader, so you don’t have to visit beauty salons.
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8) Clean your car battery terminals for a better connection. Just pour a little Coke on each one, and watch the corrosion melt away.
9) Make coins shine by soaking them in Coke to remove years of gunk.
10) Remove marker stains from carpets! Just apply Coke to the stained area, scrub, and then use a soapy solution to remove the stain.
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11) Coke will clean burnt pans. Just let the pan soak in Coke, then rinse. Do the same to descale a kettle.
12) Coca-Cola not only removes grease stains from clothing and fabric, adding Coca-Cola to your laundry helps to remove bad smells, especially fish.

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