See This Brave Man Climb An Active Volcano

A Canadian adventurer rappelled 1,300 feet into an active volcano and there, of course, he took a breathtaking selfie. His name is George Kourounis and he’s famous for documenting extreme weather and worldwide disasters. He has been storm chasing since 1997 and has filmed a lot of tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, lightnings and floods. He also filmed the great white sharks and forest fires around the world.

The Canadian adventurer went to South Pacific to climb an active volcano and take a selfie.

This time Kourounis and his fellow explorer Sam Cossman rappled deep into the Marum crater inside an active volcano in the Vanuatu archipelago. The daredevil went so close that a splash of lava melted his special protective suit.
When you see that shot of me [in the video] looking like a little silver dot, next to what appears to be a waterfall of lava, that was an extremely dangerous spot to be standing,” he told the Huffington Post. “It was a bit scary. If something were to have gone wrong. It would’ve happened quickly, and catastrophically.”
“More people have visited the moon than the fiery bottom of this spectacular and deadly place,” Crossman wrote in a summary for his Youtube video.

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