8 clear signs it’s not love but infatuation

Do you sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between love and infatuation?

You are definitely not alone. Frankly, many people often confuse lust and desire for love. And what this does to their relationships is leading them to a dead-end where they find themselves not knowing a single thing about their partners’ natures.

If you believe you’ve fallen in love, but you’re not completely sure yet, there are a few signs you need to look out for to find out. The truth is, infatuation looks a lot like love, but it’s quite short-lived and focuses mainly on admiring features in your partner that slowly fade away with time.

Here are 8 telling signs what you’re feeling is not love but infatuation.

1. You’re altering yourself to please them.

If what you’re experiencing is true love, you wouldn’t need to filter yourself to make your partner like you. The real power of love gives you the freedom to be your unique, rare, odd self, without worrying about how would that look in your significant other’s eyes. In case you need to alter your personality to whatever you believe your partner will fall for, then chances are, what you’re feeling for them is not love but infatuation.

2. You feel like everything your partner does is flawless.

When you’ve fallen for someone you believe is absolutely perfect, you might not be fallen in love, but in infatuation. Instead of taking a sober look at things the way they are, you see them as a flawless human being. Whatever they say or do seems impeccable and absolutely amazing. Love isn’t about putting the object of your desires on a pedestal. It’s accepting them with all of their imperfections and loving them even more for them.

3. You’re insecure about your relationship’s future.

Even though you have deep feelings for this person, you’re insecure about their feelings for you. You even think they could end everything you have built so far in the blink of an eye. Besides, you’re not even sure about your connection to your partner in the first place. What you have is a chaos of emotions you still haven’t figured out. If it was true love, you would definitely know.

4. You don’t think logically.

Being infatuated makes you drop any logic you may have in your mind. While being strongly affected by these feelings, you often look at things the way you imagine them to be, rather than what they really are. For instance, everyone else might be telling you this person isn’t right for you, but you will make anything possible to make it happen, even if you know they might be right.

5. You don’t question your partner’s actions.

When you’re not in love but infatuated, you often ignore all the warning signs and red flags. You’re simply not paying attention to them, because you already believe your partner is perfect and whatever they do is completely reasonable.

6. Your world turns around them.

You’ve turned this person into the center of your world. Lately, even your friends are wondering what’s happening to you because they don’t see you anymore. That’s because whenever you have free time, you always want to spend it with your partner. This may sound sweet, but it may also create a social abyss between you and your friends and family. Obsessing over someone might make you forget there are other people in this world who deserve your time.

7. You want to control them.

When you’re infatuated, you’re more likely to let yourself be led by your emotions. You feel like this person belongs to you and to no one else. That’s why you want to be in control of everything they do, and to know everyone they meet. To be honest, you may want to control them only because you’re not completely sure about their feelings for you, and you’re awfully insecure about your relationship.

8. You’re constantly overwhelmed.

This person makes you feel intense emotions that are flowing like little hurricanes in your mind. They are the only thing you can think of. When you wake up, they are your first thought. When you’re going to sleep, they’re the last thing you think about. While this may seem like love, it could actually be an obsession. If these feelings fade the moment you get what you want, it was all probably an infatuation, not real love.

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