Cleanup Time: Why You Should Cut Ties With Your Toxic Friends Immediately

When talking about toxic relationships, we tend to think of relationships involving romance.

Not many of us stop to consider, however, how emotionally wrecking a toxic friendship can be.

Here are 5 warning signs that can help you understand if your friend is toxic so you can remove yourself from their company if necessary.

1. It sometimes feels like you have to beg for them to spend time with you.

Sure, everyone has their own issues to deal with and people sometimes get busier than they’d like to, but let’s be real here – we always make time for those we hold dear. If your buddy never makes time for you and you feel like you have to beg for their company, this surely means that they don’t respect you as much as you respect them. Also, it means that your friend does not give a cent about your friendship, hence making it a toxic one for you.

2. You always have to be super sensitive and considerate with them.

We all want to be treated with respect and consideration, but in this case, we’re talking about unreasonable measures. An extremely sensitive friend requires great amounts of consideration. Give them anything less, and they will see it as a sign of utter disrespect. Needless to say, this kind of behavior is totally unhealthy for any kind of relationship, be it friendly or romantic.

3. You often find yourself making excuses for them and justifying their obnoxious behavior.

When you find yourself in situations where you have to make excuses for your friend’s bad behavior, you do it because you want to tell yourself they’re worth it. Deep down, you know they are toxic, but you don’t want to admit that because you still want their company.

4. They make you feel undeserving of them. 

If your ‘friend’ actually gave a damn about you, they would show it somehow. They would make you feel appreciated and important to them. When your friend doesn’t hesitate to point at your imperfections and makes you feel inadequate to be their friend, then your relationship with them is clearly toxic and can do you more harm than good.

5. You feel anxious whenever you are around them or thinking about them.

A true friendship is supposed to make you feel happy, loved, understood, and appreciated. But when you start feeling anxious every time you’re around them, it might mean you’ve realized that you cannot trust or count on this person anymore. End this farce of a friendship before it hurts you even more.

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