Circus Uses Holograms Instead Of Living Animals To Take A Stand Against Animal Cruelty

A German circus has started using holographic images instead of real animals, raising awareness against their mistreatment.

As we awaken to the reality of the impact we have on our planet many of us have begun to find the image of the classical circus distasteful and cruel, and the simple pleasure of seeing exotic animals do impressive tricks no longer appears so pure.

But things are now starting to change for the better and German Circus Roncalli has stopped using wild animals entirely so that they are not mistreated.

And instead of performing tricks with living beings, they have started using technological advancements to achieve beautiful effects.

For RP Online, via The Dodo, media director Markus Strobl explained:

“Most of the numbers in the show would already be done by the artists and clowns today anyway. The focus of the Circus Roncalli is on poetic and acrobatic numbers.”

Many visitors have now enjoyed the modern, entertaining twist of this holographic circus experience.

The president of Animal Defenders International, Jan Creamer, has said that circuses like this one are ‘the future’:

“Thankfully the public is voting with their feet, and increasingly visiting shows where the performers get to choose instead of being forced to perform.

This is the future of circus — a performance everyone can enjoy and for which intelligent, sentient beings are not used and depicted as objects of entertainment.”

A video taste of Circus Roncalli’s amazing show can be seen in the video below:

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