Chubby cat gets annoyed by treadmill workout and it’s a mood

A 25-pound(11.3kg) domestic cat has to get on an underwater treadmill workout to get in shape.

Cinderblock, the grey shorthair from Washington, doesn’t seem to enjoy her new workout routine.

Jason encourages Cinder! That's Good Work!

She is not on board with the exercise 😂 Jason is the best- That's good work!#felinemedicine #felinerehab

Posted by Northshore Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, October 19, 2019

The chubby cat’s previous owner couldn’t take care of her anymore. She had to bring her to Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham to be euthanized. The medical director and veterinarian Brita Kiffney told CNN that Cinderblock’s owner then was struggling with health issues. She was also caring for her father, who suffers from dementia. Taking good care of the gray furry was not in the picture anymore.

“I couldn’t do it and asked her to relinquish her to me. She agreed and was grateful, as she really didn’t want to euthanize Cinder but was overwhelmed with the care of her father. So, she is morbidly obese, due to overfeeding by the father.”

Kiffney and other staff members of the Northshore Veterinary have used an underwater treadmill to support the physical rehabilitation of the chunky 8-year-old shorthair. Cinderblock doesn’t seem to approve their idea.

The video of the grumpy overweight kitten on a treadmill got viral in no time.

It even inspired artist Alex Plante, 28, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to create a series of Cinderblock creative illustrations.

Alex shared with CNN that in her opinion the video got so viral because Cinderblock might be the most relatable cat ever.

“I think she’s going viral because she may be the most relatable cat I’ve ever seen. Who hasn’t cried on a treadmill at some point in their lives? I also think people love a feel-good story and the vets at Northshore Veterinary Hospital are doing such a lovely job working with her. They’re clearly super kind and caring people.”

Although the chunky cat appears to be pretty grumpy on the video, Kiffney shares with HuffPost that she’s usually extremely affectionate. She also purrs whenever you talk to her, and she’s a real sweetheart.

Cinderblock’s future owner will be the veterinary hospital’s receptionist. However, for now, Kiffney is the one looking after the cat and handling her strict weight loss regimen.

Fun fact: The cat’s name was initially just Cinder, but they added ‘block’ because of her obesity.

When she was admitted to the hospital, Cinder weighed over 22 pounds. The water treadmill workout should help her to get down to about 12 pounds. She might also overcome her joint problems and the risk of diabetes and pancreatitis.

The medical director hopes that through Cinderblock’s story, they would raise awareness of pet obesity. She adds that nearly 60% of domestic cats are either plump or obese. This happens because their owners can’t realize when their pet is getting overweight.

Meanwhile, Cinderblock’s weight loss journey won the hearts of many who find her grumpy attitude pretty relatable. Here are some tweets from people rooting for the chunky sweetheart.

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