Chrissy Teigen’s Cookware Line Removed by Target Before Stodden Apology

Chrissy Teigen’s falling apart with Target was reportedly a mutual decision reached back in December, as per TMZ. 

Apparently, her cookware line was launched with Target exclusively in 2018, and towards the end of 2020, they decided to end the exclusivity. Chrissy is currently selling her cookware mostly through her own web page, as well as some other retailers.

These business moves were set up way before Courtney raised the issues with Chrissy’s treatment of them.

And now, Chrissy is not only being attacked by Courtney Stodden, but Target has also made a change that impacts Chrissy’s bottom line.

Image: TMZ/Twitter

Target’s page shows her “Cravings by Chrissy Teigen” line of cookware has been wiped out. This seems to come as a result of Chrissy’s past abusive behavior. There was an instant where she suggested Courtney kill themself. She later apologized on Twitter.

But according to Target sources, the line wasn’t just taken down from their website this week.

Apparently it was removed last month. However, Chrissy’s 3 cookbooks can still be purchased on Target’s website.

Courtney said that Chrissy had previously strongly bullied her on Twitter.

But it turns out it is just a coincidence that Target dropped Chrissy’s cookware from their website the very next month.

In any case, Chrissy’s products can still be bought through other retailers and some Target brick-and-mortar stores still have them.

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