Choose your words wisely: 4 powerful words you might be underestimating

There is great power in every word you say.

That’s why you should always speak with intention and be careful with what comes out of your mouth. A word can make you feel happy, inspire you, and completely change the course of your life. On the other hand, a word can also break your heart into a million pieces within seconds.

Words can be both magical and devilish.

It’s up to you which ones you use, and how they will affect you and the people around you.

You might not realize this, but some expressions you use on the regular can awfully damage the relationships you have with others.

Here are 4 examples of words that appear often in your vocabulary, yet you rarely understand their burdensome power.

1. Always

This word can build castles and destroy them with the speed of light. In case you chose to use it in a positive way, for instance in affirmations, the word “always” can be truly empowering: “I am always improving myself as a person.” A simple sentence like this one can inspire you and help you believe in yourself more.

On the contrary, if you use this word in a negative way, you can not only lose faith in yourself, but you might even make people around you think less of you: “I always mess things up.”

Which “always” do you prefer?

2. But

A simple three-letter word can make someone extremely insecure and terribly anxious. This is the word “but”. When you use this word, it makes you question everything you’ve said before it. It automatically puts seeds of doubt in your mind, or the mind of the person you’re talking to: “I love you, but…” 

The word “but” has the power to invalidate everything you said before. What’s more, it is often followed by a negative comment, and it ruins the positive beginning of the sentence. If you want to build healthier relationships, better avoid saying it.

3. You

“You” is one of the most influential words of all. This little pronoun can generate feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and vulnerability: “What were you thinking?” Suchlike usage of “you” can make the other person feel insecure and ashamed of themselves.

Yet, this word can also make wonders. It can easily boost someone’s confidence and make them believe in themselves a little more: “Congratulations, you did an amazing job today!” 

4. Never

It’s absolutely mindblowing how can one word implies a deep feeling of hopelessness, as well as make you feel safe in the hands of the one who is saying it. The word “never” can discourage you, but it also can strengthen your relationship.

“You are never going to succeed.” 

This can make the one hearing it completely lose hope, and stop trying to improve their self-growth. In other words, it can block the progress of their life.

“I will never let you down.” On the other hand, “never” can also make you deepen your love for someone.

When you believe that you will never be let down or betrayed, you are able to fully trust the person who is saying this. After all, trust is the most essential part of any relationship.

Most importantly, you are the one who chooses what to attract in your life. The words you say can help you achieve anything you can possibly imagine. You just need to be careful how you use them.

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