Woman blasts her fiancé after she finds out he put a ‘chocolate safe’ in the fridge

A furious woman, and mother of one, by the name of Stacey Lowe, has publically (and jokingly) blasted her soon to be husband Dave Williams on Facebook, as he decided to install a ‘chocolate safe’ in the fridge.

What is a chocolate safe you might ask?

Well, it’s a real-life safe to which you do not know the code, is located in the fridge and consists of all your favorite sweets…

Yes, this was Stacey’s reality last Friday, as evidenced by her hilarious Facebook post. The UK-based woman was very ‘shocked’ to find out her fiancé attempted to restrict his wife’s love for sweets with such harsh, unspeakable methods.

‘So this is what it has come to. You buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up and this happens,’ she started.

‘Dave goes and buys a f***ing fridge safe because he’s an a***hole and doesn’t want to share his chocolate with me anymore! Anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material right?’

Her intense and fierce post was met by the wit of more than 47,000 fellow commenters on the social media platform.

‘What a brilliant way to stop me from gorging on chocolate late at night,’ one person jokingly shared in the comment section.

‘I would do this if we lived together,’ another person said, tagging their boyfriend.

Image: Facebook

However, there were others who found the idea less than funny and wanted justice for the spouse and her love of sweets.

‘I’d burn the house down,’ one person wrote, while another displayed their unsettling wish to ‘smash that sh*t wide open’ using quite a bit of force.

Others pondered on the matter of injustice and asked the important question of: ‘Why would anyone do this to their spouse?’.

Moreover, the gadget also seemed to have sparked some interest, as many have stated that they did not know something of the sort existed. Therefore, Stacey kindly provided the needed information:

‘For everyone asking Dave bought this fridge safe from Lockabox,’ she replied, providing a link to the product.

The ‘safe’, which costs $39.99 USD on Amazon, is initially designed for storing medicines, bathroom-related accessories, as well as food. By the looks of it, it seems it is well-received by the customers, as there are plenty of five-star reviews left in praise for the product.

Image: Facebook

‘I ordered this Lockabox to keep sensitive documents and items away from prying eyes and fingers! The box itself seem nice and sturdy for the price you pay and the lock mechanism is simple and robust,’ one person said.

While another added that: ‘My 11-year-old son has autism and struggles with giving up his iPad and other electronics. The Lockabox has worked wonders in our home, and we are now able to limit his time on electronics by locking them away instead of hiding them around the house’.

As for Stacey…well, she has probably already ordered one herself and has set the tone for sweet, sweet revenge. I wonder which prized possession of Dave’s she’s going to lock in the clear container…

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