Chinese influencers pretend they’re in LA by posing in front of Shanghai’s Costco

Chinese influencers pretend to be living in Los Angeles by posing in front of Shanghai’s Costco. 

Traveling abroad is not advised by healthcare officials considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps that is why Chinese influencers have become quite creative with their shooting locations.

As Unilad reveals, a new viral micro-trend shows social media personalities with thousands of followers on Xiaohongshu, or “China’s answer to Instagram,” posing in front of Costco. But not the one in LA.

While pretending to be in the City of Angels, the influencers are actually in Shanghai.

Curiously, some people actually admit they have pretended to be in LA for the sake of a good snap. 

For instance, one influencer wrote:

“The parking lot lawn by the Costco entrance feels like a sight of the West Coast. It makes you feel like you’re in L.A.”

Another user, who decided to share their secret with their followers, said:

“If you babes also want to take such pictures I suggest you arrive here at around 4 p.m., when the light is good, and remember to wear clothes with brighter colors!”


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