China’s New Anal Swab Covid-19 Test Demonstrated on Plastic Doll

Chinese authorities have introduced their special new Covid-19 testing method – the anal swab test!

And now, you can even see it in action…

Maybe you’ve heard of the test recently, but you likely haven’t seen a video of it being demonstrated on a life-size dummy.

The pajama-wearing doll is bent over with its butt up in the air and its arms spread out, just like it would be if it was being strip-searched.

Image credit: TMZ

And then, the expert “goes in”.

The man dips the swab into a saline solution – which is a normal part of such testing, – sticks it into the plastic a-hole… and he goes in quite deep. After that, he twists it while inside, pulls it out, and leaves it inside a plastic tube.

While some experts in the field say the anal swab method is much better at detecting the virus, many people strongly oppose being subjected to it… And they are indeed being subjected to it at airports and parts of the Chinese north, including Beijing.

Image credit: TMZ

Apparently, the new test is not mandatory for the whole country, but some parts have decided to adopt it as they see fit.

Sadly, the population does not have much of a choice in deciding whether they would want to take it or not. If you’re a suspect virus carrier, you pretty much have no choice in the matter.

They can either decide to subject you to it right then and there or – if you’re lucky enough – they could give you a test you can do by yourself privately before they let you go.

Check out the anal swab testing video demonstration by clicking below.

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