Chicago officers turn their backs on mayor Lightfoot after the tragic death of a female cop

Chicago police officers turned their backs on Mayor Lightfoot after two brothers on probation shot and killed a female cop and wounded her partner. 

  • CPD officers turned their backs on mayor Lightfoot after Ella French, a 29-year-old cop, was killed by men on probation. 
  • The City Council was slammed for creating an “anti-police” movement that leads to “brazen acts of violence against police officers.”
  • However, Lightfoot continues to claim crime was on the decline. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was given the cold shoulder by members of the Chicago Police Department following the death of an officer who was shot dead by two brothers on probation at a traffic stop on Saturday.

According to the Daily Wire, the policemen turned their backs on the mayor when she addressed reporters near them holding a vigil at the hospital where the wounded officer was fighting for his life. The conflict took place about midnight Saturday at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The wounded officer’s father, who himself is a retired Chicago cop, was also amongst the CPD members who gave Lightfoot the cold shoulder. What’s more, as per Chicago Sun-Times, the father blamed the mayor for what had happened.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara stated:

“The police officers’ decision to turn their backs on the mayor while waiting with the family on the 7th floor was significant. Turning their backs on the mayor was an excellent example of how the hundreds of police officers felt waiting outside the hospital. They have had enough and are no longer going to remain silent anymore.”

At a press conference outside the hospital, Lightfoot said: “It’s a very sad and tragic day for our city.”

Following the death of police officer Ella French, 29, the mayor of The Wind City told reporters:

“It’s very sad. We must remind ourselves every day, our officers are fearless in the face of danger. They run to danger, to protect us. It’s a very sad and tragic day for our city.”

Ella French was killed by Emonte Morgan, 21, who was charged with first-degree murder of a peace officer, attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, as reported by Daily Mail. Morgan’s brother, Eric, 22, was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and obstruction of justice.

Blaming Chicago City Council for Ella’s death, Alderman Anthony Napolitano, a former cop, said:

“I never saw her as an anti-police advocate. But I will put this 550 percent on these socialists and these progressives in the City Council. This blood is on their hands, without a doubt. They’re the ones who created this whole anti-police movement that has made these brazen acts of violence against police officers [possible] — 39 this year alone. This is created by them. This whole defund and disrespect movement that they have started.

These pieces of s*** are the ones that created this and talk anti-police. And they’re the ones begging for more police in their communities. They’re the biggest hypocrites. They disgust me.”

In the meantime, at a news conference at police headquarters, the mayor addressed the critics of the police.

Lightfoot said:

“Stop. Just stop. This constant strife is not what we need in this moment.”

As per the Chicago Tribune, Lightfoot added:

“The police are not our enemies. They’re human, just as we are. We have a common enemy. It’s the guns and the gangs. Eradicating both is complex. But we cannot let the size of the challenge deter us. We have to continue striking hard blows every day.”

Lightfoot was also slammed for claiming crime was on the decline. 

Last month, a University of Chicago student called her statement a “blatant lie,” after his classmate was murdered on Chicago’s subway system.

In June, when a reporter asked Lightfoot whether she owed an apology to the victims of violent crime in the city, she responded:

“Sir, I ask you to get your facts right. Crime is not out of control in our city. In fact, crime is on the decline. All of our major indices show a decline in crime, and our homicides and our shootings year over year are down. That’s a fact, sir.”

Officer Ella French, whose End of Watch was on August 7, left behind a two-month-old baby and a loving family. RIP!

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