Cherry blossom petals cover a lake in Japan and create a mesmerizing scene

There is no doubt spring is the most beautiful season in Japan. It’s the time when the whole land is covered in a beautiful flowery blanket of cherry blossom trees.

This captivating process is called ‘sakura zensen’.

As Mystical Raven notes, the meaning of cherry blossoms in Japan runs deep. No wonder the cherry tree is the country’s national flower and a cultural icon admired around the world. It’s revered not only for its heavenly beauty, but also for its expression of life, death, and renewal.

Cherry blossoms – a symbol of life, death, and renewal.

Danilo Dungo

Each spring, as the blossom slowly takes over, photographer Danilo Dungo spends hours in Tokyo’s Inokashira Park to capture the pale pink allurement. He has uploaded some of his most striking snaps on National Geographic Your Shot.

Danilo Dungo

With the help of his DJI Phantom drone, Danilo was able to capture stunning photographs of the mesmerizing cherry blossoms in the famous park. The most outstanding images are those where the fallen petals form patterns on the surface of the water, carpeting the rippled currents in their rosy hue. Others capture the cherry blossom trees blending with the golden sunrise sky. The photographer was even able to take one very significant photo – the fallen cherry petals covering the waters of a lake inside the park.

Danilo Dungo

If you are planning to visit Japan once the coronavirus pandemic is over, make sure you go there in spring in the months of March and April. It would be the perfect time for you to witness with your own eyes the marvel of the cherry blossom trees – a timeless metaphor for human existence.

Danilo Dungo

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