Chaos Erupts As Anti-Maskers Storm LA Mall

Shoppers and staff at the Century Mall in Los Angeles on Sunday became the target of anti-mask protesters who shouted at them for wearing masks, being fully aware that it is a requirement.

“We see the protesters with the megaphones saying no masks. Take off the masks. Open back up L.A. All lives matter,” said Johnathan Cabrera who works at the Untuckit store inside the mall.

Cabrera locked the doors of the store to stop protesters from storming inside and closed it early.

He says he was shocked by the behavior of the 30-strong group and added he’s had problems with anti-maskers in the past.

“I’ve had a few guests come in that say ‘I really don’t want to wear this,’ but we always encourage them for your safety, our safety, please wear your mask when you’re shopping in our store,” he said.

Samuel Braslow from Beverly Hills Courier said:

“They want to spread awareness of their message which is that masks, they say that masks are ineffective and COVID is part of a broader conspiracy. Obviously, the overwhelming scientific consensus contradicts that,” 

Beverly Hills Courier reporter Braslow was present and says the anti-maskers have been causing disturbances at LA stores in the last few weeks, including pharmacies and large supermarkets.

The police were called to the mall, but some people said they were left speechless as the protesters were not escorted out or arrested. 

In an interview for ABC7, the Los Angeles Police Department said their involvement at the mall on Sunday was no different than other protests: ensure first amendment rights are protected, keep the peace, and do not engage unless absolutely necessary.

To get a deeper glimpse of the madness, check out the video below.

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