‘Catfishes’ show off unbelievable transformations – see them without make-up in this viral TikTok challenge

Get Catfished: A viral ‘Catfish’ TikTok trend has millions of social media users dumbfounded. 

Sometimes we forget how powerful makeup can be. Well, these proud ladies are here to remind us of the deceiving capabilities of heavy makeup.

Grace Scott / TikTok

In a viral social media challenge, talented women are proudly sharing their most wowing catfish moments. As per Daily Mail, the trend began when 22-year-old Australian TikTok user @moldogaa shared a Snapchat selfie with her 87,000 followers. In the short clip, she says:

“Just took this photo on Snapchat… I do NOT look like that! Catfish – MEOW!”

TikTok @moldogaa

Since the video was posted earlier this year, it has gained a whopping 6.6 million views. Other TikTok users started implementing the now-iconic catfish audio into their clips, and the game began.

India Rawsthorn / TikTok

The Catfish challenge has been done by over 122,000 people. 

Thousands of TikTok users decided to take part in the funny trend while also showing mad makeup skills. Many of them appear absolutely unrecognizable when they reveal their natural looks.

Han / TikTok

Since most of the challenge followers are women, guys couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this what girls are on?” Some of their reactions are even more hilarious than the Catfish trend itself.

TikTok @chumeeks

Would you try the Catfish challenge? Have you ever catfished someone or been catfished? Let us know in the comment section!

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