This Cat Won’t Stop Thanking Its New Owner After Almost Being Put To Sleep

This Cat Won't Stop Thanking Its New Owner After Almost Being Put To Sleep

This is a heart-warming story that of a cat who can’t stop thanking its owner after being rescued from certain death, with only hours left to live.

Cat Rescue Newcastle or CRN in NSW, Australia, is a small rescue group who saves felines from local pounds. Their most recent recovery is Henry, and he is possibly the most loving cat in the world, if we’re judging by the video below.

Henry was scheduled to be put to sleep at a local pound, who put out a call to area rescue groups to see if any of them could accommodate the adorable kitty. Like all of the other rescue facilities in the area, CRN was full and had to turn down the offer. That was when one of CRN’s foster carers stepped forward.

Michelle, a regular foster ‘parent’ to CRN’s animals, said that she could house Henry if she had help with transportation. One of the rescue group’s members, Adelle, teamed up with Michelle to save this loving cat from certain death.

“They informed me that “the stray” had until Friday to be picked up otherwise he would be “destroyed”,” says Adelle in a post from the Animal Rescue Site.

She arrived at the pound mere hours before Henry was scheduled to be put to death, and safely placed him in her car to take to Michelle.

Since Adelle had arrived 30 minutes early to the place she was meeting Michelle, she decided to give Henry some room to stretch his legs. As you can see from the video below, he did much more than that; he clearly loves and thanks the person who saved his life.

Henry, now re-named Simba, is loving life and happy as ever, thanks to two people with huge hearts.

If you are looking to get a new pet, please consider adopting one from your local pound or rescue center- saving a life is truly a heart-warming feeling.

For more information on CRN’s rescues, please visit their Facebook page as well as the Animal Rescue Site.

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