Cat saves baby’s life in viral video

Cats are considered to be cold animals by nature. Many believe they don’t get along with humans too well, but in fact, this is what they like.

However, a viral cat video has recently proved the opposite.

The video amassing tons of views on social media showing how a kitten saved a baby’s life, who was about to fall off the stairs.

In the clip, you can clearly see a cat saving a crawling toddler’s life by coming in its way right before it is about to fall down a flight of stairs.

The scene unfolded in the living room while the child’s parents were not around. It can clearly be seen that the cat takes action and immediately jumps off the sofa and runs to save the baby.

The cat then harmlessly taps the baby multiple times and tries to come in its way. The toddler can be seen being restricted towards the staircase. The cat then stops the baby from going further.

See the astounding video in the link below.

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