If You Can’t Find The Right Partner You Should Read This

Stop letting people take your love for granted.

You put your soul and your heart in your relationship. Still, it didn’t work out. Yes, you tried your best, but all you got was unreciprocated effort. It was love that you gave, it wasn’t love that you received. You weren’t special, you were comfortable. You were the person who would always be there no matter what. And they took advantage of this. They took you for granted.

Stop letting them treat you as not good enough. 

They were your all. You only had eyes for them and nobody else. And you treated them as the most special and amazing in this world! Sadly, for them it wasn’t the same. It was just that they didn’t see you good enough. They tried to change you, criticized you, didn’t accept your weaknesses. You suffered because they compared you with others. They made you feel insecure about what you are. And this, wasn’t real love! These people didn’t love you for you. They loved how you served to their needs!

Stop seeing people who don’t know what love is.

Free your life from all the people who were too much in love with themselves to be able to love you. Remove all those who tried to manipulate you, to take control over your life and make you feel less than them. Get rid of the ones who tried to feed their insecure ego by making you feel insecure yourself. Don’t give up on finding real love because of those who don’t know what this is.

Please, don’t give up on love!

Remember that all these people were not good enough for you, not the other way round. And it’s not you who’s the insecure, it’s them. So, don’t worry whether you’ll find love. You’ll surely do.

You know what love is and how to give your partner the love they deserve.

And sooner or later somebody who will love you to the moon will enter your life. The significant person who you deserve and who deserves you.

Someone who’ll see your true colors and fall for them.

They’ll see who you are and will love you for that. For the beautiful person you are, for your beautiful soul. They will appreciate every little effort you put in the relationship and will try to make things work as much as you do. They will give you a relationship that you deserve. The one which is based on equal giving and taking.

Someone who’ll make you feel the one and only

Someone who won’t compare with others. Because all they’ll see is you, no matter where they go or who they meet. You’ll meet this special someone who knows that a person like you is a rare treasure. A delicate soul to be taken care of. They’ll never offend you or put you down. For them, you’ll be important like no other – beautiful and strong. Someone whose beauty shines through even in their imperfections. They won’t need another. They’ll be your world and you’ll be theirs. You’ll love them and they’ll love you the way you deserve, truly and deeply…

Someone who knows the meaning of a partnership

A person who is well aware that it takes effort and compromises to maintain a relationship. Someone who’ll be your passionate lover and your best friend. A significant other, a shoulder to cry on, a partner in crime. A person who’ll love you at your worst as much as he loves you at your best. Someone who wants to build their future with you and knows how to make it happen. You’ll complement each other and hold your hands while walking through life, together!

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