Is a Can of Soda Really That Bad for You?

Author: Chase Holik

A few months ago, someone named the Renegade Pharmacist wrote an article about how a single can of soda reacts in your body within the first hour that it is consumed. The article went viral with thousands of shares on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.
I admit that I’m not much of a soda drinker, but I usually don’t feel too guilty when I decide to have one or two. Reading the article was somewhat of an eye-opener, but then I got to thinking about the other uses for soda that I’ve experienced. The dramatic article by the Renegade Pharmacist is interesting, and science probably proves a lot of what was written to be true. The health risks are widely known, but I’m going to look at soda in a couple of different ways with a less-than-scientific approach.

1. Soda can be used to Clean Battery Acid

When I learned this, I really started thinking twice every time I wanted to pop open a can. I was having battery problems in my truck, which caused some corrosion. I was told to open a can of soda and pour it slowly over the battery terminals and it would clean off the corrosion.
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It sounded like a great idea since I’m usually all for home remedies. However, when I actually saw the corrosion disappear when the soda hit the battery, I immediately thought about what it would do in my stomach. Of course, some things react differently, and soda is no exception, but the fact that the same can of soda that I drink can remove battery corrosion just made my stomach queasy.

2. Meat Tenderizer

This is a more delicious way of thinking about soda, but it can still make you think. I know several people who inject or marinate meat in soda before they cook it. I’ve heard a lot of reasons why they do it, but one of the common ones is that it breaks down some of the tough parts and enzymes in the meat, which makes it more tender. While that sounds amazing for what you’re about to eat, is that something that you really want in your stomach?
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3. Loosening Nuts and Bolts

Finally, a common household use for soda is loosening stubborn nuts and bolts that you try to remove. While this is a good little home remedy, I can’t help but think that soda serves a similar purpose as WD-40. Just the thought of it can make you rethink cracking open your next can of soda.
Now I know I’ve taken some of these points to the extreme, but you can’t help but wonder how bad soda really is for you when it has so many other uses. It’s not even the amount of alternative uses, but rather, what it can be used for. I don’t avoid sodas at all costs because of these reasons, but I do try to stay away from them most of the time. Look at it this way, there isn’t much science that proves that sodas are good for you from a health perspective, but at least they can serve some solid purposes around the house!

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