California Christians hold beach services defying the state’s ban on churches

California churches hold beach worship services in defiance of the governor’s COVID-19 lockdown measures. 

Thousands of Christians showed up on San Diego’s beach for a massive “Let Us Worship” service. The unusual religious event occurred on Sunday, FOX News reports.

Image credits: Whitney Witt

The organizer Sean Feucht, with the help of his nonprofit movement, Hold the Line, led more than 5,000 people on the spectacular Sunday service. There, he even baptized his own son, Ezra, in front of the large crowd of believers. Mr. Feucht described the event:

“It’s just the most raw, organic, gritty gospel. It’s been very eclectic, very diverse in terms of people praying and singing. People got healed, saved, and delivered.”

Image credits: Whitney Witt

Due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the measures gov. Gavin Newsom took to protect the people of California was to ban singing in churches. This ban is part of the restrictions on indoor venues.

In response, Mr. Feucht has been leading a number of outdoor services across the state, alongside local pastors and leaders. 

Image credits: Whitney Witt

A day before the massive worship in San Diego, the Christian activist has led another one in the city of Fresno. Hundreds of believers gathered in downtown Fresno for the outdoor service. Sam Feucht told The Fresno Bee:

“We’re thankful that we’re allowed to do this in America.
It’s really time to take the church outside.”

What’s more, Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh and the state’s Senate Minority Leader Shannon Grove have also supported Mr. Feucht’s movement. They opened up the Friday service with prayer at a park in the city center. The leaders shared they were “excited to be able to worship together”.

The next “Let Us Worship” service is expected to be held in Portland on August 8. Mr. Feucht and his movement are hoping to make an impact and “change the narrative” after weeks of unrest.

“Where the world has only seen destruction and violence, we want to change the narrative and show that the church is rising up to change the storyline in our cities.”

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