Britons Could Face Two Or Three Pint Limit In An Effort To Stop All-Day Drinkers

Bars in the United Kingdom could start opening their doors once again if they follow measures including rationing three pints to drinkers, according to experts.

The guidelines would include social distancing and could alter the way British bars function in the months to come with landlords taking measures against them which include big fines.

The rules have been outlined in a plan by Professor Eyal Winter, an economist and government advisor.

Mr. Winter said social distancing is a must when it comes to coming out of lockdown. A timetable underlying what would happen at certain dates has also been put together.

He also spoke about drinkers being allowed to have only three beverages and having to keep a distance of two meters apart from each other.

Professor Winter said:

“People are starving for pubs. They are an important part of British culture.”

Mr. Winter has been advising the government on COVID-19 lockdown and according to him theaters and cinemas could re-open but with half-empty halls.

In addition, he told The Guardian that every second seat would need to be unoccupied but venues could make some additional profits by raising ticket prices.

However, establishments fear social distancing could prove devastating to the hospitality industry.

Chief executive of UK Hospitality, Katie Nicholls, said loosening things up without a proper plan would be “catastrophic” for the sector, especially if social distancing is to become standardized for the near future.

She said:

“An extended period of social distancing will mean that many hospitality businesses will not be able to operate fully and many will not be able to open at all.”

Heads of restaurants voiced their concerns about the impact social distancing would have on their livelihoods and Michael Roux Jr, who runs two Michelin star Le Gavroche in London called for an amnesty of 9 months.

He said:

“Le Gavroche has been open for 53 years and been through recessions, depression, winter of discontent, IRA bombings and anything else you can think of.

“Nothing comes close to this crisis.”

Another chef named Yotam Ottolenghi agreed and added:

“Nobody in their right minds would say we can carry on paying rent as before.”

He has had to grant leave of absence to 300 employees due to social distancing and closures.

“Assume we operate at 50% capacity – that doesn’t allow us to pay the same salaries or rents.

“If we operate at 60-70% capacity, that’s still not a sustainable business because restaurants operate at profit margins of 10%.”

Tom Kerridge, a celebrity chef, has had to furlough 250 employees at three bars, an events catering business, and two restaurants.

The boss of Hand and Flowers in Marlow, which was the first pub in the United Kingdom to receive two Michelin stars said:

“Restaurants and pubs are not just there for the purpose of serving something to eat and drink.

“There is something more deeply ingrained culturally and from a social point of view.

“Everybody is there to connect and create an energy and a social electricity that makes those places exciting and vibrant.

“If you’re only allowed to operate at 50% capacity, no-one can talk to each other or be close to each other and the social point is lost.”

In addition the Retail Consortium (BRC) noted that the high street would also take damage due to limits of numbers of shoppers permitted to go into stores at any given time. 

BRC director of business Tom Ironside said:

“Firms face high costs to implement social distancing measures coupled with lower footfall.”

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Source: Mirror

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