Britney Spears Granted Right To Hire Own Lawyer, Gets Emotional In Latest Court Hearing

Britney Spears accused her father of abusing his conservatorship powers in a recent court hearing.

“I’m here to get rid of my dad and charge him with conservatorship abuse,” the popstar said, adding that she is “extremely scared” of her father Jamie Spears. “This conservatorship has allowed my dad to ruin my life.”

She added tearfully that she wants to “press charges” against him.

“If this isn’t abuse, I don’t know what is. … I thought they were trying to kill me.”

Britney was also given the right to choose her own attorney for the first time since her conservatorship ordeal started.

Samuel Ingham III is the court-appointed lawyer who had been representing her since 2008. His resignation was approved by Judge Brenda Penny and Britney was allowed to replace him with former federal prosecutor Mathew Rosengart.

The singer also noted that she didn’t know she could have requested to end the conservatorship at an earlier point.

“I’m sorry for my ignorance, but I didn’t know that,” she told Penny. “It’s embarrassing and demoralizing what I’ve been through, and that’s the main reason I didn’t say it openly. I didn’t think anybody would believe me.”

The “Baby One More Time” singer has been stuck in conservatorship since February 2008 which keeps her from making big financial decisions without her father approving of them. Jodi Mongomery was given the role of conservator in 2019 after Britney’s father underwent life-saving surgery.

Since Britney gave her first court testimony, there have been a number of developments in her life.

Recently, her longtime music manager, Larry Rudolph, quit after 20 years of working with her.

Also, in his letter to Jamie and Montgomery, he said that Britney told him she wanted “to take an indefinite work hiatus.”

Jamie has claimed that the care manager was responsible for the mistreatment described by Britney to which Montgomery responded by saying that she has been a “tireless advocate” for the singer’s interests.

“While she does not control Britney’s financial assets, she is responsible for her personal care, and if Britney wants any issue brought up to the court, Ms. Montgomery is and has always been ready, willing, and able to do so,” the care manager’s lawyer, Lauriann Wright, said in a statement on June 30.

At that time Penny denied the request Britney made in November 2020 to have her dad removed from his position as co-conservator. However, according to LA attorney Mina Sirkin, the signing of the order was likely delayed to give both sides time to file any objections.

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