British Engineer Breaks Guinness World Record By Stacking 5 M&M’s

The Guinness record for most stacked M&M’s was just broken by a civil engineer from the United Kingdom.

Will Cutbill was sitting in his home bored out of his mind during the latest coronavirus lockdown when he decided to try and break the record for most M&M’s stacked on top of one another.


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It took him hours to manage to beat the previous record of four pieces with his own record of five. 

In an interview with CNN he said:

“When I tell ‘em it’s a whopping 5, they’re shocked. They want to give it a go, try and beat me. At first it wasn’t very many until one day I thought, ‘Right let’s crack this.’ So I sat down very determined to complete it.”


Will also said that he failed to accomplish the task hundreds of times before succeeding.

“They’re not as flat as you think, quite spherical so it’s a bit like balancing footballs or soccer balls. I was pretty ecstatic when I got the fifth. I can’t lie. I was running around the room, arms in the air.”

The previous record was set by an Italian man named Silvio Sabba, and Brendan Kelbi from Australia, both of whom managed to stack four M&M’s.

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