We need to bring home economics class back into schools because many of today’s kids lack basic life skills, like how to cook an egg and do laundry

It may come as a shock to you but the majority of today’s younger generation lack the basic skills needed in order to be an adult in today’s society and that is why so many people are calling for home economics class to be brought back to the school curriculum.

Basic life skills are a must in order to function and survive in society, yet some kids lack some of the bare basics, like how to cook food and do laundry. They learn advanced mathematics and biology in school only to choose a career path which doesn’t require the maths or biology knowledge.

In fact, many college students don’t know how to pay taxes or what the requirements are to own a house and pay bonds because they weren’t taught the basics in school. If school students learned how to do basic tax and credit interest calculations life would be a bit easier and less stressful for them when entering adulthood.

Home economic class is important for kids of all ages and walks of life as it equips them with the knowledge needed in order to survive.

Parents could then take the skills their kids have learned at school and add some of their knowledge or tips given to them by their grandparents.

Young adults would then know how to shop with a budget and how to cook delicious meals for family and friends, how to do laundry and do basic taxes because let’s face it, not every child will choose accounting as a profession. Many kids choose career paths which lead them on creative paths such as becoming an artists and small business owner yet find it hard to start as they don’t know how credit interest and budgeting works, let alone knowing what it takes to own a house or pay bonds etc.

So many adults who know how to adult just laugh off the struggles and questions of their kids because its hard to believe that they weren’t taught it in school, but the reality is that many schools do not offer home economics class, hence the lack of basic knowledge.

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