Bridge Falls Apart While Being Declared Operational In The DR Congo

The moment a bridge fell apart during its opening ceremony has gone viral.

A short video that has now been watched by people worldwide, shows officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo cutting a red ribbon as they declare a new bridge operational, but as soon as the ribbon is cut, the construction falls apart beneath their feet.

The original video was captioned:

“Bridge collapses while being commissioned in DR Congo.”

And it didn’t take long for people to flood the web with thousands of comments about the incident, with one person writing: 

“Wait! I thought this was a comedy skit initially.”

Another joked:

“It’s like the ribbon was holding it together.” 

And this isn’t the first instance Congo has been under the gaze of the world in recent times. 

Back in 31 August, it was reported that a group of rebels had murdered around 14 people in the eastern part of the country.

Shortly after, the World Food Programme (WFP) confirmed that a United Nations (UN) helicopter had crashed while flying over the province of North Kivu.

In the wake of the rebel attacks a resident from the Biakato area told Aljazeera:

“The nature of the attack was terrifying. They looted my shop before taking five members of my family into the bush. The army intervened but the damage was done.”

ADF Rebels. Image: BBC

It was found that the attackers were part of an Islamic Ugandan militia called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which has been causing problems in the Congo since the 1990s.

The group’s concerns once mainly involved domestic issues in Uganda, but violence has been spreading due to their allegiance to ISIS.

Thankfully, the World Food Programme provides food and financial assistance to tens of thousands of vulnerable citizens in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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