Bride Ruins $15k Dress And Her Whole Wedding When She “Gambled On A Fart”

On what was supposed to be the best day of her life, a bride made a disastrous decision that ultimately ruined her wedding…

The story was shared on Reddit by an even planned who went into detail regarding what happened after the wedding ceremony, right before the start of the first dance.

The planner wrote:

“I was speaking to the caterer when I happened to glance over and see the most curious blend of expressions pass over th brides face, and she frantically waved down my assistant. A few moments later, my headset beeped on, and my assistant said ‘we have an issue’.”

“It turns out that the bride had gambled on a fart and lost in a big way… I radioed to everyone to expect a fifteen minute delay, and they headed towards the tent. The fifteen minutes pass. Then twenty. Finally, my earpiece beeps on. ‘The previous issue is more than we anticipated.’ I ran over to find my assistant looking horrified.”

Just before she was about to embrace her husband for their first dance, the wife’s stomach had decided to play a bad, humiliating joke on her.

The poster continued:

“The bride, it turns out, had been using some health shakes in an attempt to fix last minute bloating. This had mixed poorly with the cocktails from earlier, and she had eaten a fairly decent breakfast. The substance that had come out of her body as a result defied explanation. It was slimy, oily even, with stringy bits and the consistency of hair gel. Not only had it been a rather profound accident, but the smell was unrivaled. Generally, a substance no human body should emit.”

And that’s not all…

“…The shaper the bride wore was a latex deal that came down over the thighs and up to her bra. Waterproof, the poo had just sort of filled it, like a water balloon of horror.”

The wedding planner recalled:

“My assistant had opened up the snap crotch and just released the evil trickling down the brides thighs. My assistant quickly sealed it back up and she and the bride vainly tried to wipe up the goo, dry, with toilet paper. This just spread it around, so they decide to give up. Now I have a shell shocked assistant and a crying bride. You can smell her four feet away.”

While the planner was trying to deal with the situation, the bride realized that the wedding had to continue no matter what. Eventually, as introductions of the newlyweds had started outside, the bride was able to make it in time for her first dance.

“The groom looks vaguely disconcerted by his new wife’s odor, but I tell my assistant to distract him until they take the floor. Introductions happen, the dance starts, and we find some fresh horror.”

“The dance was a cheorographed affair, and as the groom spun his bride around, hand on her waist, he is squishing the poo up the insides of the waist trainer, up and out the back waistband. To our horror, we watch as a oily stain spread across the mid back of the gown. As we are still cringing from this, the groom sets his hand firmly in the middle of the poo stain…”

As the dance ended, it came time to cut the cake…

“They were cutting the cake now. They were feeding the cake to each other, both now with shit stained fingers. Each was looking downright repulsed.”

After that, someone handed wet wipes to the husband while his critically embarrassed wife was taken to the tent where the wedding planner had prepared lots of cleaning equipment along with a tub of water.

“I was sponging down a sobbing, naked bride, while I questioned every life decision that lead to this point,” the poster said. “The diarrhea was everywhere, spread in a thin layer across her body. It may be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever dealt with…”

After she was cleaned up, the bride slipped back into her $15,000 wedding gown with parts of it cut off and cleaned.

“The support tent smelled like a sewer and just was closed for the remainder of the event. The groom was a sport, never directly saying anything, but asking if we could cancel the garter toss as he didn’t really want to go under her skirt,” the wedding planner said. “Pictures from the event appeared in a magazine. Still photos, away from the smell, were beautiful.”

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