Brewery uses eco-friendly 6-pack rings that feed sea turtles instead of killing them

We are all aware of the threat of plastic waste to marine wildlife.

But did you know that eight million metric tons of plastic end up into the ocean every year?

This means it would take centuries for all the plastic to decompose. What’s worse, it’s killing some of our planet’s most incredible creatures.

In fact, one of the major contributors to this disaster is the six-pack rings around soda and beer cans. They might seem harmless at first, but in reality, they can severely damage the oceans’ ecosystem. Not only they pollute the seas, but they also tangle the wings of sea birds, warp the shells of sea turtles, and choke seals.

A Florida brewery has found a solution to fight plastic pollution.

Saltwater Brewery, based in Delray Beach, is producing bio gradable six-pack rings that can serve as a snack to wildlife, as they are made of wheat and barley. They are collaborating with the startup E6PR, short for Eco Six Pack Rings.

The sustainable can rings have been compressed into a touch, durable material, which can endure the usual wear and tear associated with transport and storage in a refrigerator.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback. It turns out that the eco-friendly rings are more expensive than the plastic ones. However, the craft beer company believes that by spreading awareness, their customers will gladly pay a little extra to take part in saving our planet.

Peter Agardy, head of the brand, admits this is a big contribution for such a small company. Their hopes are towards attracting bigger associations to their cause. Saltwater Brewery’s most valuable goal is to save thousands of marine lives.

It is their belief that a successful brand these days is no longer the best one IN the world, but the best one FOR the world.

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