5 Solid Reasons Why Breakfast First Dates Are The Best

You may have noticed that young people rarely go out on breakfast dates in comparison to older couples and families.

It makes you wonder why more couples on first dates aren’t going out for breakfast more often. This is a big miss for today’s youngsters because breakfast dates can be wonderful and there are good reasons behind this.

Here we will list some of the reasons breakfast dates should become a normal thing:

1. There’s less pressure

Going out for breakfast in your sweatpants is so much more comfortable and easygoing than a dinner date. There is just something cool about being in comfy clothes and in a still sleepy state rather than constantly checking if you look your best. It just makes things way easier, and there isn’t that pressure to look perfect, while conversations can also be so much easier in the morning.

2. It can be so much cheaper

Breakfast dates are almost guaranteed to be relatively affordable in most places, compared to a dinner date where the bill may have to include anything from appetizers to drinks to entrees to desserts. And while breakfast orders might include extras like fruit salads, coffee or orange juice, they are pretty easy to predict the price of. The bonus here obviously is that you won’t go broke on a potentially bad first date, and s/he won’t have to feel bad about you spending a fat sum to meet him/her.

3. It’s what champions do…

Research has shown that regularly eating a healthy breakfast is associated with better overall health and an increased chance of being able to achieve goals associated with weight loss. As a matter of fact, one of the best tips for embarking on a successful weight loss journey is to eat breakfast every day. By doing this you kick-start your metabolism out of its unhealthy nighttime fasting mode. In simpler terms, inviting someone out for breakfast is a good way to say, “Hey, I care about my health and, and I just might care about yours too.

4. The entire day is in front of you

There is really not much to do after a dinner date. After breakfast, however, you literally have the entire day ahead of you. You can spend it with your date and go for a walk, an adventure, or you can have it to yourself and get done whatever needs to be done.

5. There are no uncertainties 

Dinner dates can often be accompanied by an uncertainty about how and when exactly the night will end, whether it’s wondering if there will be an invitation to your date’s apartment or a night out exploring the city together. On the other hand, with breakfast dates, the rest of the day can be pre-planned fairly easily. It could even be a part of setting up the time for the date. For example, setting a breakfast date at 9am could also be accompanied by a casual “I’ve got swimming planned for 11;” this way, both of you have a basic idea of how long your day will last. In addition, discussing your plans for the day could be another easy “go-to” conversation topic while you chomp down on pancakes and coffee.

Do you agree that breakfast dates are underrated? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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