Brave Dog SPRINTS Into Burning Home To Save His Tiny Kitten Friend

Dogs are the kindest creatures in the world, and this story is further proof of it. 

Sadly, it has become the norm for news articles to mostly make us feel miserable and depressed. But thankfully, there’s always a little balance to be found in the mix, and today we are sharing a positive story with you to brighten your day.

It was just two years ago when a Ukrainian defense industry company was hit by an enormous explosion.

As a consequence, a massive fire broke out and the whole building, along with its surroundings were consumed by the flames.

Blinding flames and vast clouds of smoke were engulfing the sky, spreading to the northeast of Donetsk City. The explosion was so big that it produced a small earthquake that could be felt miles away and even affected a number of nearby houses.

People were panicking and evacuating with their personal belongings in hand.

One person was worried about his dog and rushed to make sure it was untied from the front yard.

And at that moment, something incredible happened. Rather than escaping the fire, the canine went into the house. Shocked, the owner stood there not knowing what to do next as the fire was growing with incredible speed.

He then started calling for his dog to return to him but knew that it was getting highly unlikely due to the rising wall of flames. But to his surprise, the dog returned and was not alone. It was holding a baby kitten in its mouth. The family was not able to save the kitten when they first exited the house.

The unusual pair were best friends, and they spend a lot of time side by side even though the kitten was very little.

They were playing and relaxing together, and when the fire broke out, the dog’s first thought was to save his best buddy.

And this is just another example of just how special a dog’s love can be. Dogs are caring, loyal, and no matter what the dangers may be, they are always there to help a friend in need.

Check out HIS Radio’s report on the story by clicking below.

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