11 Brain Hacks That Will Make You Dramatically More Successful

American Actor Bradley Cooper, starred in the 2011 film, “Limitless” where he takes a powerful drug that enabled him the ability to defy all limits of his brain’s potential. Although the story was fictional, it would be a great feat to live with such limitless brain function capabilities.

If you could accomplish this feat, using your brain to the max would be beneficial in keeping up with the constant demands and evolution of life; especially with staying ahead in the competitive world of business and technology.

Studies show that certain lifestyle changes can drastically avoid cognitive declination. Focusing on improving your diet, sleep patterns, stress and exposure to chemicals and toxins in your environment and foods can keep your brain health at its peak performance.

There are other ways to dramatically improve your brain’s function to retain information and new skills faster, improve your memory and even enable the regeneration of your brain well into your 90s.

Read on and find out some of the most popular brain hacks that can help boost your brain’s power and abilities.

Top 11 Brain Hacks for Optimal Brain Performance

1. Keep Playing Video Games

According to a neuroscience study, playing video games can boost your brain health especially as you age. Challenging your brain and its function can change the structure of your brain’s neurons and size, improving your brainpower.

2. Polish Your Memory

Actively involving your brain in memory boosting exercises can significantly improve memory which helps your brain by forming new pathways, reshaping existing connections and adapting to new information easily and quickly.

Some examples of popular games that can keep your memory in optimal shape while improving your short-term and working memory, concentration, focus, and information processing are;

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Mahjong Tile Games
  • Math Games
  • Scrabble

3. Become an Apprentice

If you want to gain a new skill or learn something new, then find yourself a mentor. Learning from someone who has already mastered a skill that you want to attain is invaluable for building new neurons in your brain thus improving your brain’s function.

4. Stop Typing So Much

Using paper and pen and taking notes by hand can improve your brain function. Researchers from UCLA and Princeton University found that by avoiding typing and taking notes by pen and paper can help with your active listening skills and keeps your focus attuned.

5. Use Strategies to Fix Your Brain

Sometimes, it can be difficult to gain new skills after suffering a brain injury and memory loss; However, it is possible with the right determination and patience. The first thing to remember is to take things slowly. Your brain is a magnificent organ, and due to neuroplasticity, it can rebuild itself and make new pathways to perform at its highest performance.

6. No More Multi-Tasking

Research is quickly realizing that when you are working on more than one task at the same time, it can slow down your ability to learn. It takes almost 25 minutes to become focused again on a task that you are working on when you become distracted by another task. This overworks your brain and prevents your brain from performing at its optimal function.

7. Avoid the Bull

If you need energy drinks to boost your brain’s function, you are doing more harm to your brain than good. Your body is telling you something when you need a boost of energy like Red Bull and other caffeinated products. Not only are these products unnatural for your body as well as your brain’s function, but you are avoiding what your brain thrives on…more sleep.

Getting enough sleep and resorting to more natural energy boosters, can help increase your brain’s activity, mood and concentration naturally resulting in a healthier brain.

8. Travel More

If you desire a more creative brain, many different studies show that new environments and habits can revitalize your brain by building new neural pathways.

Also, when you are enriched in a new culture and traditions, your brain is stimulated which helps with your cognitive thinking processes and flexibility of thought patterns.

9. Take Supplements

Taking supplements is another great way to help your brain with its health and performance. One example of a popular over the counter supplement is Addium. Taking supplement like these can offer many benefits to your brain and unlock 100% of your brain’s potential including;

  • Helps you think clearer.
  • Helps maintain your focus and boost your brain’s performance.
  • Helps you retain more information and stay more efficient on your tasks at hand.
  • Provides the ability for you to process data faster.

10. Learn Differently

When you find new ways of learning something new than what you are used to, you can learn more and gain more knowledge at a significantly quicker pace. Even slightly modifying a task that you want to master can strengthen your brain power tremendously.

For example, if you are used to learning through flashcards, why not find another method that involves a more hands on approach next time.

11. Relax More

Your brain needs to rest. Overthinking can aggravate it into overtime thus resulting in its deterioration. Stress is the number one damage to your brains function and performance. Meditation is a great exercise to help your brain relax and stay clear of mental health challenges.

Final Thoughts

Your brain can become overwhelmed by all that is thrown at it from ongoing and consistent new information in your inner and outer environment. Plus, the daily stressors of everyday life can affect your brain and its performance.

By keeping the above hacks in mind and staying focused on your health, sleeping patterns and diet, not only are you are providing the best that you can for your brain’s health and well-being, but you are avoiding many age related diseases that can affect your brain if it’s not looked after properly.

Author Bio:

Ella James is an independent researcher and writer. She has contributed to many online websites related to general health and fitness. Her interests include reading and writing about day-to-day health, fitness, and skin care problems. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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