Boy with a rare genetic condition that runs in the family becomes Face of Inclusion in the fashion world

This Brazillian boy-wonder has embraced his differences in the most glamorous way possible – by becoming a fashion advocate for diversity. 

Samuel Silva, from Bahia, is now pursuing a modeling career at the age of 7!

The child was born with the rare skin condition piebaldism, which causes a melanin deficiency, the Epoch Times reveals. As per MDedge Dermatology, fewer than 1 in 20,000 babies are born with piebaldism. But instead of making him feel different, this condition helped little Samuel to become a significant part of the fashion world.

Credits: Supermodel SAMUEL SILVA / Instagram

As Daily Mail reports, Julio Sanchez-Velo, Samuel’s uncle, said:

“Samuel attracts a lot of attention in public, like when he is shirtless on the beach and you can see the white markings all over his body. Strangers will come up and ask all sorts of ignorant questions, like if Samuel has been burnt in an accident. Everyone is used to it, and just explains what piebaldism is.”

Samuel’s whole family, including his mother, grandmother, several uncles, and cousins, have the same unique condition. 

The model’s mom, Nivianei de Jesus Purifiçao, recalls that her mother was once forced to cover up her pale skin patches. However, Nivianei wanted to show the world that their different appearance is not something to be ashamed of – it is something they must be proud of.

Eventually, Samuel’s mother gained everyone’s respect in their community. But she still wanted her children to avoid having to handle mean comments and stares from strangers. Unfortunately, while her first child, Andreia, was born without piebaldism, Samuel inherited the rare condition from his mom.

Credits: Supermodel SAMUEL SILVA / Instagram

Samuel’s parents taught him how to love himself and embrace his uniqueness.

Last year, the boy’s parents started an Instagram account, sharing their wonderful son’s best moments. Serving looks, Samuel instantly became an internet sensation.

Credits: Supermodel SAMUEL SILVA / Instagram

Shortly after, the rare beauty of the child caught the attention of the international modeling agency Sugar Kids. He has since been featured in Junior Style London, Bazaar Kids, and Dixie Magazine, promoting diversity in the world of fashion.

What is more, Samuel has also walked the ramp of Toronto Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and London Kids Fashion Week. His loving uncle shares that his nephew is “very artistic, and loves to walk on the runway and pose for photographs.” Julio adds:

“He has become the face of acceptance and inclusion in the children’s fashion industry.”

Credits: Supermodel SAMUEL SILVA / Instagram

The boy wonder now inspires thousands of children to fall in love with their differences and feel confident in their own skin. 

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