8-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Beats Stage-4 High-Risk Brain Cancer After A Two-Year Battle For Survival

A wondrous rare miracle has occurred. 8-year-old Batman lover Cameron Scott from Tennessee has beaten stage 4 cancer after a crushing battle at St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

Two years ago, little Cameron suffered a serious fall down the stairs. His parents Tamika and Wendell Scott had to take him to the hospital for a checkup because he had complained of strong back pains.

After he went through an MRI, it was discovered that the problem he was facing was much worse than a slipped vertebral disc. Cameron was diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 brain cancer after they found a malignant tumor called medulloblastoma in his brain, which had spread to his spine.

However, just like any other disease, brain cancer can be beaten as well. And thanks to continuous cancer treatment researches, there is a wide array of revolutionary treatments available today.

According to Wendell, being a parent to a cancer patient is not for the faint-hearted. He had to stay strong not only for himself but for his son as well.

“I’m dad, and I have to be strong for everybody. I just felt we’re gonna fight,”  Wendell said.

8-year-old Cameron had to undergo an intensive 4-hour surgery to remove the tumor from his 53-pound body. Shortly after the surgery, the brave child still had to endure 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment to recover fully. 

And a year after the diagnosis, little Cameron was proclaimed cancer-free and victorious. Soon after, a series of parties were thrown for him, inside and outside the hospital.

Cameron and his family, which includes five other siblings, enjoyed a trip to Legoland Florida Resort for the weekend of Thanksgiving 2017. 

“I feel amazing,” Cameron said after the treatment. “I feel like I’ve been through everything.”

While at the amusement park, Cameron also got to enjoy some superhero play and even wore a Batman costume.

According to Wendell, Cameron loves Batman over all other superheroes because he is a brain genius.

“His philosophy is, well,” Cameron’s dad said, “All of the other superheroes have superpowers, but Batman uses his brain.” 

Cameron had a great time in Legoland and felt full of new energy. The little hero said I feel amazing now. I feel like I have been through everything.”

Cameron will remain a source of hope and inspiration for many people who are fighting their own battles for survival, and his story is truly an astonishing one.

How do you feel about Cameron’s story? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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