BLM Protesters Scream ‘F**k white people’ At Elderly Diners. Violence And Harassment On The Rise

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Black Lives Matter protesters were harassing an elderly white couple during Saturday’s protests, disturbing footage shows. 

A video taken with a mobile phone shows a mob taking over an outdoor dining space with one person even getting in an old couple’s faces before drinking their beer in front of them; another took one of their glasses and smashed it to the ground.

One protester tells the couple:

‘F**k the white people that built the system.’

He added:

‘F*** 12’ (a reference to police.)

Meanwhile, other customers pick up their belongings and leave after protesters call them an ’embarrassment’.

The recent protests and violent riots are in response to a number of African Americans who have lost their lives while in police custody, with the recently shared video of Daniel Prude’s death in Rochester, New York in March, igniting a new wave of anger and violence.

Similar disturbing scenes have played out all over, with a person in Washington last week cornered by a mob of BLM supporters outside a restaurant. In another case, diners in Rochester were forced to leave their tables when a mob started breaking things apart around them.

‘We’re shutting your party down,’ one woman was seen shouting in the face of a New Yorker as demonstrators smashed the customer’s glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, threw chairs and chanted at them to get out.

And unfortunately, these incidents seem to be increasing in frequency. 

An elderly man was recently also attacked Washington D.C., for attending the Republican National Convention.

He had water thrown at him and at one point was pushed/punched to the ground.

Other RNC attendees also received a taste of BLM harassment…

In the video below, a white man was brutally struck by a brick-wielding man for his skin color. 

What are your thoughts on the growing divide in the United States, and how do you think this issue could be solved? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this article if you’ve found it of value. 

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