BLM Mob Heckle Diners At ‘White Men-Owned’ Restaurant After Chauvin Verdict

A mob of BLM supporters was caught on video heckling peaceful diners at a taqueria in New York, telling them to “get the f— out” and saying that the “white-owned” restaurant wasn’t welcome.

The video was posted by reported Andy Ngo, and it shows a man preaching on a platform above a mob of Black Lives Matter Supporters.

He can be heard shouting the following slogans, which the crowd then repeats:

“Stay the f— out of New York! … We don’t want you here! … We don’t want you here! … We don’t want your f—ing money!”

A few moments later, he shouts:

“We don’t want your f—ing taqueria!” But as the protesters enthusiasm starts going down, the man tries to keep them riled up by adding: “…owned by f—ing white men!”

By then, the call-and-response routine had seemingly evaporated, when a woman suddenly shouted:

“Tip 30%!”

The man then repeats what she said, but he seemed to have forgotten about the crowd’s earlier chant that the diners’ money was not wanted by them.

To their surprise, however, it turns out that the established is actually owned by a Mexican-American family.

The clip was shared just a few hours after the jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges for the death of George Floyd last summer. 

Many major cities, including New York, were on the verge of possible unrest and violent rioting should the verdict have gone the other way, partly due to politicians such as Maxine Waters.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Black Lives Matter supporters have been caught on video behaving abhorrently…

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