This Is What It Looks Like When Blind People See For The First Time

Blind-People-SeeThere are miracles being done in today’s world that can absolutely boggle the mind. Some of the things being done to benefit others, are things that the majority of us take for granted on a daily basis. One example is our eyesight.
We wake up, see the alarm clock, and roll over for another five minutes. But the act of even seeing what time it is, is something unimaginable for those without eyesight. And what about noticing the colours of flowers, the sky, or of your children’s eyes? Those who were born colour blind can never experience such things- or they couldn’t until now.

A non-profit organization called 20/20/20 has been helping those who have lost their eyesight to see the world again. 20/20/20 has found a simple way to correct a complete loss of vision, colour blindness, and even blindness from birth. The surgery costs around $300 and takes less than 15 minutes! How can this happen? The surgeon removes the defective lens that’s causing the blindness and replaces it with an artificial lens. The operation occurs through a small incision, and there are no stitches needed- just some bandages and a few hours of healing!
One of the most inspirational bits about this, is that 20/20/20 performs these surgeries to help children and adults in 40 of the world’s poorest countries; those who live on less than a dollar a day could never afford a $300 surgery.
On top of what 20/20/20 is doing, there are companies that are helping those with low vision and total colour-blindness. Esight has created a device which “uses a sophisticated high-speed camera, patented video processing software, a computer processor and the highest quality video OLED screens to project a real-time image that allow the legally blind to actually see”, according to their website. There is also EnChroma, who have developed specific glasses for those with colour-blindness, and they even have a test you can take on their website to test your vision!
To see what it looks like when a blind person sees for the first time, check out this video below (and have a tissue nearby – it’s a tearjerker).

What do you think about these advancements? Can we make this available to everyone on planet Earth? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!
Thanks to Insider for this video.
Written by Raven Fon

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