Biden Confuses Trump With Obama, Calls It ‘Freudian slip’

U.S. President Joe Biden mixed up ex-President Barack Obama and ex-President Donald Trump during a recent speech.

Biden called his mistake a “Freudian slip”…

“Back in 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then-President Trump,” Biden told the people of Pennsylvania on Wednesday. “Excuse me, Freudian slip, that was the last president. He caused the…anyway, President Obama when I was vice-president.”

Needless to say, people wasted no time picking up on the mistake and called out the President online.

RNC research posted:

Abigail Marone, press secretary for Republican Senator Josh Hawley wrote:

“I feel like Joe Biden might not know what a ‘Freudian slip’ is.” 

Republican Rapid Response Director Tommy Pigott asked:

“What is going on?” 

McClatchy reporter Bryan Lowry also made a tweet, saying:

“Biden just confused Trump and Obama. He called it a Freudian slip, which would mean he has some subconscious feelings about his former boss.”

The President spoke at a Mack Truck assembly plant in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and talked about his administration’s push to encourage people and companies to buy U.S.-made products.

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