Experts Reveal The Best Time Of Day to Have Sex

Experts Reveal The Best Time Of Day to Have Sex

Apparently it’s 3pm, which is a bit of a bummer really, as many of us are at work or on school pick up.
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But that’s supposedly when men and women are most in tune with each other’s desires.

You see, in the afternoon, women have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness, and are at their most energetic. Around the same time, men have elevated levels of oestrogen, making them ‘more emotionally present’ during sex.

Hormone expert Alisa Vitti author of hormone guide WomanCode, described 3pm as the ‘afternoon delight’, saying it was the perfect compromise for both sexes’ satisfaction, with men giving women the ‘emotional support’ they crave while still getting plenty of enjoyment themselves.

If you or your partner happens to have a normal job, don’t hand in your resignation letter just yet—but do have a good excuse lined up as to why you’re late to the office, Because the morning is apparently the second most excellent time to get it on, due to men’s increased levels of testosterone.

If you’re looking to make a baby out of this, the best time to get it on is also first thing in the morning when men’s testosterone is at its peak and both partners are fully rested. And for an added bonus, the length of foreplay statistically doubles in the morning.
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Obviously, it’s unrealistic to think that all couples would be able to take time out of their days for some ‘afternoon delight’ or too many lie in’s. But, on weekends and holidays, maybe we should bare this in mind.

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