Benefits of Having a Pet: Why Having A Pet Can Make You Happier And Even Save Your Life

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France

Animals can be difficult to take care of. They are a financial investment, they need time and commitment, and are sometimes a source of frustration.

However, anyone who owns an animal can confirm that their little friend is worth all the headaches. 

The reason is that animals naturally provide us with a constant stream of positivity that we cannot acquire from anywhere else. There are a number of reasons that animals have a positive effect on human beings all pet owners should be thankful for, and here are the main ones…

1. They can boost your immune system

Most animals spend a good amount of time outside and hence bring all sorts of dirt and microbes into your home. But this doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing – the additional germs can help fortify your immunity to mild illnesses such as colds. Furthermore, studies have shown that infants who live with a pet tend to go through fewer infections and are usually healthier than those who do not.

2. They can help you meet new like-minded people

The animal owner circles are incredibly friendly and you will often discover that random folk will stop to talk to you about your pet at the park. Having a pet is an amazing way to make friends and create all kinds of bonds, especially if you are not particularly good at small talk. Owning a pet may even help you find your soulmate!

3. They help you feel less lonely

If you live on your own, or you and your loved one work different shifts, it can get painfully lonesome at home – unless of course, you have a pet next to you. Dogs and cats are great company and they will always be impatiently waiting for you to return home and cuddle you to take your mind off the daily worries.

4. They keep you physically active

Dogs need to be walked daily in order to stay fit and healthy, and so do you! Sadly, many of us tend to get a little lazy at times, and if that sounds like you, then a dog will be a perfect fit for your life. They will be pulling you to go out with them and will make you jog around the park as much as possible. You got it right, a dog can be an amazing personal trainer.

5. They can help your children by stopping them from developing allergies

While owning a pet is not a guarantee that your kids won’t develop any allergies, research has shown that the dander in their fur may be beneficial. However, you should not get a pet if you are allergic to them – that is also something to take into consideration.

6. They make you feel safe

Not all of us feel calm about the thought of spending time alone at home, but having a pet can make you feel a lot safer. Furthermore, thieves are less likely to target a home that has a dog living in it. Many breeds make for amazing security dogs and will even shield you from harm when you’re out with them for a walk or a jog.

7. They can help children become more responsible

At one point or another, every parent has been asked by their child if they can have a pet. Kids love animals and if they are not too little, having a pet can actually help them learn a lot of crucial life skills. Apart from learning practical skills such as cleaning their sleeping/eating/pooping area, grooming, and tricks; they will also boost their nurturing and empathy skills, which will be incredibly important for them as they grow into adults.

8. They can provide comfort to kids with learning disabilities

Autistic kids and those with similar learning difficulties often find it challenging to talk to other human beings, but they have no issue with talking to friendly furballs. Keep in mind, animals cannot answer back and will never share your secrets with others!

9. They can greatly lower your levels of stress

The modern world suffers from high levels of anxiety and this can lead to a number of health issues down the road. Thankfully, animals can help us calm our nerves… Cuddling with your cat or even just watching fish swim can make your stress dissolve into inner calmness. Research has shown that animal owners tend to have lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels than others. This means that your four-legged companion can greatly decrease your chances of getting a heart attack later in life.

10. They can catch cancer in its early stages

It is widespread knowledge that a dog’s sense of smell is extraordinary, but did you know that some animals are able to detect cancer? Many dog owners have reported their pets saved their lives after they constantly touched, sniffed, or licked a tumor concealed under the skin.

To learn more about the benefits of having a pet please see the video below.

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