Being with the right person after a toxic relationship: 6 things you will experience when that happens

You did something incredibly brave when you let go of that toxic ex.

You quit playing their manipulative games and freed yourself from their poisonous influence. That was one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Now, this new person you are with is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. They honor your dignity, they are always honest, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help you heal and be happy again. 

Sadly, leaving your past relationship drained all of your energy and hopes for a better future. You stopped trusting people even if they show nothing but authenticity. It’s a whole miracle you’re in a couple with someone new.

Here are 6 of the things you will experience while being with ‘the one’ right after you have let go of a toxic relationship

1. It feels too good to be true.

After being in an emotionally damaging trap with your ex, you gained trust issues you might never overcome. Now that you’ve found someone who treats you the way you deserve, you feel like there must be some catch. And when you eventually realize there is no catch and this person actually loves you for who you are, you finally feel free to be yourself and enjoy your relationship. 

2. You’re prone to expecting the worst. 

Your last partner deeply hurt you. After letting go of them, you felt as if your broken heart can never be fixed. This unbearable pain made you believe everyone is trying to use you and leave you the minute they get bored. So, you overthink every single thing that happens, and you’re overwhelming yourself by waiting for the worst to happen. 

3. You push them away.

When someone finally proves to you they appreciate you for the lovely being you are, your hurt mind doesn’t know how to believe them. Being afraid to get too close and open your heart again forces you to push them away and rush to sabotage what might have been a good thing. 

4. You’re surprised when they stick around.

Your sad soul isn’t used to be around people who truly care for you and would do anything to make you happy. After you push someone away, you expect them to stop trying to fix things. But this new person shows you what real devotion means. They stay even after the storm and have no intention to leave you over a single fight. 

5. You’re insecure.

Being with someone decent after a toxic relationship will inevitably trigger mini anxiety attacks. You will try to convince yourself you don’t deserve the love you now receive. You will tell yourself that this new genuine person would be better off without you. All this doubtfulness will mess up your headspace. But you will eventually realize you have nothing to worry about. 

6. You will constantly do things to prove yourself.

As soon as you understand the love you have now is real, you will start trying your best to overcompensate the affection your new partner gives you. As your mind is still fragile, and your heart is still learning to love, you will feel like you need to make up for all the effort they’ve put into your relationship. 

You have been in a toxic relationship with your ex for far too long. Your heart is still aching from the breakup. Your frail mind still wanders. Even though you have finally found a partner that treats you with respect and loves the real ‘you’, you are still anxious over them leaving you. That’s because you simply cannot accept that not all people are the same. Not everyone will ghost you, mistreat you, or lie to you. You just need to have a little faith and give yourself enough time to heal. 

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