Behold Hormuz Island: The Magical Place With Cosmic Sands And Blood Red Water

It may sound crazy, but there is actually a real island out there in the Persian Gulf with characteristics that can only be described as magical.

Have you ever seen red water or sand? How about sand as dark as the night sky? Well, now you can see both these abnormalities among other things at Hormuz Island.

The ground at this wondrous place has a high concentration of iron oxide which gives it a unique red-like hue.

In areas where the sand has more red in it, the waves in the sea have a pink color. This has been used for many years in the cosmetics industry, as well as ceramics and glass – with high exportation from places such as this. In travel blogs, it isn’t hard to find references to Hormuz where people liken its look to that of rainbows, due to the lustrous colors of its land and rocks.

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The wonder island has a mountain covered in red oxide soil, also known as “Gelack,” which, as well as being a special material for industrial purposes, is used as a spice in the local cuisine.

And as crazy as it might sound, this is the only edible mountain on the planet.

The same red soil also gives color to the beaches and is also used in baking the local bread known as ‘tomshi’.

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Due to it being situated on the shoreline, the mountain makes the wondrous red beach and waves a jawdropping sight to witness.

Furthermore, while having a walk along the shore, you will spot areas where sand glitters with metal compounds, especially astonishing at sunsets and sunrises.

In combination with the dark sand, these metals give the landscape an unforgettable cosmic look.

Hormuz Island is one of the places that should definitely be added to your bucket list. The color of the soil keeps on changing as you walk and you can lose yourself in the wonder of the red edible soil and 70 other colorful minerals.

See the magic with your own eyes by clicking the video below.

Hormuz Island, has red water and galaxy sand. It is from a mountain rich in red oxide soil, called “Gelack".

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