7 Easy Steps To Battle Loneliness And Depression

Have you ever felt alone even in a crowded place? Even when you are among your family and friends, you still feel isolated and lonely. That is what loneliness is.

What is the definition of loneliness:

This a complicated and often disturbing emotional response to isolation. Loneliness usually involves anxious feelings about a lack of bond or communication with others, both now and in the future.

The emotions that are expressed when you’re feeling alone can be extremely strong and they can cause melancholy. According to the Mayo Clinic, having a strong social support network is crucial during difficult times, whether from work stress or a year filled with hurt or disease.

There’s a solution to this problem, though, and it starts with a few little steps you can make to beat loneliness and depression.

These seven easy methods supported by different scientific research will give you some insight into how to defeat depression:

1. Keep your loved people close

A social support network is constituted of family and friends. Having intimate relationships with others helps you feel cared for and keep your faith, and relieves stress. All of these emotional benefits lead to stronger immunity to help you fight disease and stress.

2. Enjoy the silence.

Silence is a very effective stress reliever and increases one’s ability to make peace with themselves. This can be especially helpful if a depressed person’s solitude derives from their negative emotions. However, it helps just that well no matter where your loneliness stems from.

In spite of the broadly accepted idea that we need other people to become complete, this is not quite the case. We could only be fulfilled through our efforts. The truth is that if others influence us too much, we could lose our personality. Sometimes it is necessary to remind ourselves of our worth and remember that we can be happy because we are what we are.

3. Find yourself an interesting hobby

One of the symptoms of depression is the lack of interest in things that previously brought you joy. If this is the case for you, try to fill that void with something new. Trying new hobbies or activities can be tough, but it’s worth the effort to regain some of the passion for life you may have lost.

Try using your free time for starting up an exciting occupation rather than wallow in the loneliness and depression. Taking up a hobby could improve your mental health. It doesn’t matter what you do exactly, as long as it is healthy, makes you happy and improves your mood. If you take up a social activity like going to a yoga class, you could meet new people and become friends with them.

4. Change the small things in your life

You might need a change. But don’t worry if things are not happening fast. Remember difference comes step by step, so it’s unrealistic to expect your loneliness and depression to disappear in a day. Significant change comes as result of a lot of minor change, so you should start changing yourself and your life little by little, step by step.

For example, If you’re used to communicating with people remotely, on the internet, try being more social. Meet with people, talk to them face to face. Or If you eat unhealthy food, try to prepare a good meal at least once or twice a week. You’ll see how little things like this add up with time until one day you realize what significant impact they have on your self-esteem, your confidence, and your overall mood.

5. Try finding a way how to fight the mental and emotional habits that cause loneliness.

It’s only when you realize it’s a particular emotional habit that makes you feel depressed and lonely, that you can make a plan to get rid of it. For example, try spending your time with your friends, try to reach out to others, to start a conversation and find time to meet up with an old buddy, even when your loneliness and depression are tearing you apart. You’ll see that your efforts are worthwhile, just like working out at the gym is useful even when you are feeling exhausted.

6. Don’t forget that loneliness is a feeling that you could overcome.

If you are lonely, it is because something is triggering this feeling in you, not because you are alone. The brain reacts to pain and danger through feelings of anxiety; that is why loneliness gets our attention. However, the brain through our thoughts would try to explain this feeling. And at that very moment, we could mix theories and real reasons which could explain why we are feeling lonely. So, it is very important to realize that you are having such a feeling and accept it without overreacting.

7. Try a therapy.

According to us from Sexy Intelligence, if you can’t overcome profound feelings of loneliness and you get depressed easily, you feel isolated, and misunderstood, then you might want to turn to a mental health specialist and undergo a depression treatment. You should find a professional who specializes in helping people who suffer from depression and loneliness.

Have you ever suffered from depression? How often do you feel lonely?

Please, share your experience.

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