Barron Trump’s private school announced classes will begin ONLINE hours after the president tweeted “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!”

Shortly after US President Donald Trump’s tweeted “OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!” last Tuesday the private school of his youngest son goes on to choose not to re-open for in-person lessons as of yet. 

In a letter sent out to families, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School head of school Robert Kosasky said the K-12 school will open for lessons in September but only on a virtual basis.

Barron Trump has been a pupil at the said school, which is situated in Maryland, Washington, DC, since 2017. He is about to start 9th grade this year. 

Kosasky revealed that St. Andrew’s will follow the strict order sent out on Friday by a Montgomery County, Maryland, health official, which states that private schools are not permitted to open for regular lessons until at least October 1.

Last Monday, Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, overruled the county’s decision with an emergency amendment stating it could be the choice of individual private schools to determine when and in what capacity they should open.

Kosasky’s message to families shows that St. Andrew’s has chosen to opt for the county’s suggestion instead of the state’s.

“[The Montgomery County] directive aligns with our most current thinking about how to open school well in September while protecting the health of our students, families, and employees,” the letter reads.

The county’s cases of coronavirus are currently at almost 18,000, with more than 750 losses of life, as per their official website.

For a long time now, Trump has been very keen on opening the country’s schools for regular lessons this fall, but the administration has yet to bring forward a detailed plan to do so in a safe manner, as the crisis continues ravaging the United States.

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Source: CNN

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