Bangkok road workers continue pouring cement amid massive flood

“This is f**king genius!” A road crew in Bangkok continued to pour cement into a roadway during a massive flood. 

A team of road workers proved that nothing can stop them from doing their job. Not even a flood!

Credits: Ipod Manjasannoi / Coconuts Bangkok

As per 9GAG, the extraordinary scene was captured in Bangkok by a passerby named Ipod Manjasannoi. In the bystander’s video, the team can be seen pouring cement into a roadway that had been turned into a lake following the flood.

Although Manjasannoi removed the hilarious footage from Facebook, it was later shared by Coconuts Bangkok.

In the bizarre video, someone can be heard saying:

“Look, look, look, this is f**king genius. Pouring cement into a flood, holy fuck, I have never seen this! This is the real deal, can this actually work?”

A man can be heard adding that once the flood is over, all the cement will be gone.

Some observers were reminded of the Thai idiom “pouring crushed chili into the river,” which is another way of referring to useless endeavors.

What do you think of this road crew’s odd working technique? Leave a comment to let us know!

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